Required Investment & Government Fees

At the time of submission of an application to Government (regardless of whether via the SIDF or Real Estate option), the following non-refundable fees are due to Government:

US $7,500.00 for due diligence and processing fees for the main applicant

US $4,000.00 for due diligence background checks and processing fees for each dependent over 16 years
Real Estate Option
Minimum Investment required is US$400,000.00 in a property which is part of an approved development.

On approval in principle of an application: US$50,000.00 for the main applicant
US$25,000.00 for the spouse of main applicant
US$25,000.00 for each child of the main applicant under 18 years
US$50,000.00 for each qualified dependent of the main applicant over 18 years other than his or her spouse

In addition to these fees, real-estate buyers should be aware that there are also transaction costs associated with the purchase of real estate (stamp taxes and legal fees).

Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation Contributions
The amounts below are inclusive of all Government fees payable for the main applicant and his or her dependents with the exception of due diligence background fees as noted to the left:

US$250,000.00 for Single Applicant
US$300,000.00 for Applicant with up to three dependents
US$350,000.00 for Applicant with up to five dependents
US$450,000.00 for Applicant with up to seven dependents
US$50,000.00 additional contribution for each dependent above seven dependents

*With the exception of the spouse of the main applicant, dependents over 18 years an additional fee of $50,000.00 is payable to the Government.

The Government fee for each Certificate of Registration is US$47.00.